ShowerEcoGuide! A smarter way to save water while showering.

ShowerEcoGuide is a simple solution which helps people to live more sustainable by changing their shower behaviour.

With a lower water consumption we take better care of our planet.

Primary challenges

Increasing temperatures due to increasing CO2 emissions leading to climate changes and increasing water levels
Increasing water consumption due to a population growth and increasing living standards.
30-40 percent of the worlds population will be affected by water shortage already in 2020.

Secondary challenges

Increasing water prices.

Requirements to the future

Sustainable human behaviour.
Lower CO2 emissions through energy savings and sustainable energy.
Lower water consumption.

By using ShowerEcoGuide the following 4 advantages will be achieved:

Water consumption is reduced accommodating the water shortage problem.
Energy consumptions is reduced due to reduction in hot water consumption leading to lower CO2 emissions.
Financial savings due to lower energy and water consumption.
Waste water emission to the sewer is reduced which has a positive effect on the capacity in waster water treatment facilities.

Do you know your time under the shower?

Do you know how much a shower cost you?